MetaStock 8 RT vs. TradeStation 6

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by BCE, Dec 9, 2002.

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    Just wondering which software, MetaStock 8 RT or TradeStation 6 people prefer and what the main differences, advantages or disadvantages are. Just looking for some feedback from people that have used both or one or the other extensively. I've used TC2000 and it's okay but my yearly subscription is almost up and I'm looking for something a little more sophisticated. Thanks.:)
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    They are both good programs. In my opinion, EasyLanguage is a lot more powerful than the code for MetaStock.
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    There is nothing wrong with AmiBroker. It is a good program. He asked MS8 vs. TS6.
  5. TS has better backtesting than Metastock...
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    I agree. TS6 has better back testing and their intra-day historical data goes back two years on most stocks and indices.
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    I've used MS Real-Time programs for >10 years, and not thinking of changing. Simple and intuitive to operate, great charts and chart management, reliable, and support has been excellent.

    However, I'm mostly a chart player + a few of the simple indicators. I've never delved into MetaStock's more sophisticated studies... (Oh, I fiddled with them years back... only to conclude that most are not worth 2 dead flies!. I don't bother any more) :cool:
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    Thanks for your replies everyone. (Took you all long enough - Ha :) ) I was thinking, from other things I've read, that these were some of the realities of these two programs. Does TS 6 have 1 minute intraday data going back 2 years?
    PS I know about Ensign software too and will check out AmiBroker. Thanks.:)
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    Yes, TradeStation has 1 minute historical data for the past two years on most stocks and indices.
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