Metaserver, Hyperserver or Dynastore for TS2000i?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by electron, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. I have been using Metaserver to feed TS2000i from IB and I am not entirely convinced that this is a very reliable piece of software. I have been using only a demo version that allows for two symbols, but even with this limitation I am sometimes having problems to get data for these two symbols. I am practically using it for charting ES, was able to chart ZB too, but for the past two days I have been unable to feed the data for ZB.

    My question is this: is anyone out there using Dynastore, Hyperserver Lite or Metaserver (a non-demo version) to feed TS2000i from IB and what are your impressions? I am considering switching to a paid version of Metaserver, but would consider Dynastore and Hyperserver too. Metaserver is easier to handle than Hyperserver, but I am not sure whether it's worth $99 as so far I am not convinced about it.
  2. I used MetaServer a while back and found it to be Okay.But I was only charting 3 Futures Contracts.In my Opinion you need Data On Demand,saving historic data on to your hard drive and maintaining it is a lot of hassle but it is the cheaper option
  3. I'm using MetaServer to feed Metastock and it seems to work fine. I read about problems left and right on the yahoo group but I'm running OK. I see almost no delay bewteen a change in IB's quote and the printed candle appearing in MetaStock.

    My watchlist includes 12 futures and indices, BTW

    Hyperserver seemed like a royal pain in the ass to setup but it's free.
  4. Thanks for your opinion.

    Why would that be a lot of hassle?

    I am not finding this to be a problem, all I want to know is whether I can indeed get to chart more than 2 symbols. I want to be able to collect the data for 6 futures contracts and in transition periods to new contracts up to 12 symbols. I hope Metaserver can handle it or perhaps someone has a different opinion? So far after my problems with the demo version I am not quite sure this is such a quality software, but perhaps I am wrong. It would be good if they allowed for a trial period of a full-fledged version, but alas this is not the case.
  5. Thanks, TS quotes seem to be visibly delayed compared to Sierrachart for instance, but I can live with that as I am trading off SC using TS to indicate entries and exits.

    Yes, Hyperserver is a pain to set up. Tried twice and gave up, but if it were any good I might try once more.
  6. I've been using traders-soft products such as metaserver for 3 years and they are very reliable. The author seems to make very good software.
  7. somewhere in the metastock forum (equismetastock) at YHOO there was a detailed post about setting up hyperserver. If I can dig it up I'll post it here
  8. Let me add too that I've been using Metaserver for over 6 months now and am very satisfied. Andrew (the writer) repsonds to e-mails usually within 12 hours. He's in Russia so there's a time difference to deal with, but he's gotten back to me on Sundays, etc.

    99 bucks is a bit steep for a simple utility like this but he seems to have the market cornered.
  9. The Hassle comes when IB prices go down(very rare I know but it happens) or when you loose Internet Connection or if your PC freezes.If you have DataOn Demand you have no missing data when you have resolved the 3 problems I mentioned.