'Metaphors for Trading'

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  1. we never hear from women — posters we know to be women
    it would be interesting to hear the female pov, here’s one via
    mig928’s ‘Metaphors of Trading’ thread:

    edited “I use to compare trading to going to war after some
    traders recommended reading LaoTzu and the Art of War.
    After reading this article *, I now switched to a different less
    stressful metaphor. Farming; sowing the seeds and harvesting.
    I plant the trade and harvest the profits.”

    * “Metaphors for Trading” by Ruth Barrons Roosevelt
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    sound familiar :D

    sound familiar:D
  3. no — explain
  4. "Common metaphors for trading involve sports and warfare. Trading is perceived as a contest between two sides. I win. You lose. You win. I lose."

    These may be the reality but I'm not quite sure metaphors are productive. They become seeds of emotions. "Win - Lose", becomes "right - wrong" becomes "genius-dunce".

    Suppose we substitute "Trade works or it doesn't" for "win lose" Now we are neutral and not beating ourself from an emotional,or intellect aspect and reminding ourself we need to do more work.

    Ocean breezes and visions of sugar plums in my head- my eyes glaze over - when I read this stuff.
  5. "I like to think of trading as sailing. Here you harness the forces that are there. You take into account the wind direction and velocity, the currents, and your destination. You've got your charts to guide you and you constantly adjust to nature's forces, sometimes pointing into the wind, sometimes running before the wind, sometimes tacking, but always in partnership with your boat, your crew, the wind, and the currents. Sure, storms can come up, but you can always let down the sail and anchor and wait out the storm. You work with the forces that are there, the forces that are much bigger than you, but you enjoy the journey, the day, the sport, and you're confident you can get to your destination, your port, your safe harbor."
    She's sipping wine in front of the fireplace, you're trying to get in her pants after you've lost her money on a trade. These are the words you say.