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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by BinaryMan, May 2, 2005.

  1. I've been trying to perform strategy back-testing in Meta Trader 4.0, after attaching the expert advisor to the chart. However, the "strategy tester" option is disabled. Is this because you need the full version of the program (I heard it was free though)? This is the stand-alone version of the program. It also seems limited to ~16K of bars but says it allows 250K bars; why is the data limited?

    I would also like to use it with InterBank FX. They have an older version built-in which appears to work for automated trading. Is it worth trying to "hook up" the newer version with them (possible even?), or is the one that comes built-in sufficient?

    Which setups have proven to be the easiest and most robust for automated trading in forex? (Thanks to all who respond).
  2. nashwan


    Metatrader 4 still under constructions ,,,,,Metatrader 3 will perform beter:p

    good luck
  3. BigGun

    BigGun is a fantastic new community resource for metatrader 2 and 4, they also offer their own version of the metatrader platform free demo for one year. I hear they will son have 20 pairs and some other instruments like gold and cfd’s