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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Wallace, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. I don't like 'bone' and do NOT like him posting his crap on my threads just so he can display his advertising to my 'new-to-him' audience.

    I told him to 'piss off' and the post was removed by Baron or an ET moderator which Really pissed me off, so I had the thread closed and don't intend posting anything more on ET - after this.

    And by the way themickey, they removed your 'hee-hee' post about the number of Likes I had.

    Had bone been paying Me to post his advertising on My threads that would've been a different matter, payment rate of $1 per View x Total number of Views.

    Anyway, here's the info I was going to reply with to your question.

    Tuesday nite Nov 6 unposted reply with charts:

    TheMickey: See the charts in Part 4 for longer term fibo levels.

    It's been a Long time since I've done these sort of analyses and I've been neglecting to point out either
    'what constitutes a failure', or, 'alternate calls'.

    The Weekly chart's been having my off-and-on attention since it looks like the Price could hold 'up there'.
    The attached is the one in Part 4, amended with new declining Price Channel Lines and Retracement fibo.

    W wed nov 7 18 .jpg

    The FOMC meeting starts today and the Announcement on Thursday:
    "Consensus Outlook
    Despite strong economic growth and the rise in average hourly earnings, there are no expectations for a rate hike at the November FOMC.
    There are expectations however for action at the December 18 & 19 meeting which,
    unlike this month's meeting,
    will be accompanied by updated FOMC forecasts and a press conference.
    In an announcement slated for today Thursday and not the usual Wednesday, the FOMC is expected to hold its federal funds target range at a range between 2.00 and 2.25 percent with an implied target of 2.125 percent."

    Not sure if Monday's Veteran's Day markets' closures applies to ES trading, or if there'll be trading as usual or a shortened day.

    This Daily chart is derived from changing the Week Time Period chart to the Day setting.

    D wed nov 7 18 .jpg

    Going back to your question, I'll say this Daily Correction Formation is/will be a Large and Complex one and bodes for a Large decline.
    I can't see the Price rising - a new Bull move to new Highs, certainly not when I look at the Daily, but, you never know . . . ;

    regarding the low number of 'Likes' — your deleted post

    I left ET at a time when the site was changed to a new forum software program and 'Likes' being introduced.
    No idea how many posts I had when I left in 2013 or how may Likes as those quantities were changed on the update and are the same as you see today.
    " notes: I'm off, see you later #233 Aug 27, 2013 "
    " Sunday June 21, 2015. I'm back."
    of course it's possible, even likely the Likes would have been just as low were I posting during the 2013-15 period,

    but as I always say, if I want to be liked I'll buy a goldfish.
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  2. Overnight


    Uh...What market closures?
  3. JSOP


    It's a bank holiday for both US and Canada however all of the US market except the US Fixed Income markets will be open for regular trading hours; US Fixed Income markets will be closed.

    This is as per the favorite broker of ET traders, IB.
  4. themickey


    Thanks for the post.
    I always find it a shame when traders who have been in this game a long time have a short fuse.
    We all have our grumpy days but to decide no longer to post on ET because of some obscure reason is like cutting off nose to spite the face.
    There is always room on ET for experienced guys & gals, hope you reconsider.
    As for 'Likes', I often use them to show appreciation of a poster's contribution, not always because I agree with their point of view, but that at least they went to some effort to express their point of view and that deserves recognition imo.
    Anyhow Wallace, I often deliberately make comments to get a reaction, not so much looking for a negative reaction, but one which makes others respond.
    Bone has been here a while and makes worthy posts, he doesn't really deserve berating from someone seldom seen on ET.
    Anyhow, wishing you well. Reconsider pulling pin. Cheers.
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    Baron ET Founder

    Sponsors are allowed to participate just like any other member. You of all people should know that for as long as you've been here. So telling him to piss off when he's supporting this site as a sponsor and perfectly within the rules here is inappropriate. If you want to leave this site over something so trivial, that's your decision but that seems very short-fused and extreme.
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