Message to rich people, here is what even you don't get

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  1. Unit001


    before I sign off, something just struck me

    Rich people, if you leave some money on the table for the poor, your kids will be safe going to schools, you will be safer walking down the street.

    If you rich people only subscribe to greed to no end. You will need bodyguards like in Mexico. Your children will be kidnapped like in Mexico.

    you decide you heavenly gods :)
  2. Here is a dime. Now piss off.
  3. Unit001


    yes sir :(

    :D :D
  4. Mnphats


    Where are all these wacko's coming from.
  5. Unit001


    oh please forgive me, I thought this is a place where people can discuss serious and complex things

    so sorry sir

    please forgive me
  6. gkishot


    That's nothing new. That's what they have the charities for.
  7. LOL....first, learn to write in proper grammer, but I will let that slide as I'm not perfect.

    Second....It is you "Poor" and "Middle Class in debt" that will be in the streets, fending for yourselfs. It will be you who look to the Marxist Goverment of OBAMA to feed, cloth, give you healthcare, gas for your car and Shelter.

    I will continue to drive my Cars, make music in my loft, develop my land in the Hill Country, build my lake house and enjoy great food and great company.

    It is "you" who will be unemployed and sucking of the Tit of those who pay your "Way" as you scramble to try and rob and steel.

    It is I that will meet you with my 9mm, with my AR 14 and with my dogs at my side. My fellow Tax Paying Neighbors will also meet "YOU" with their 9mms, their Shot Guns and their AR 14s.

    So, before you post stupid shit....learn your history on Marxist Nations. Learn that the Middle Class become poor and the poor are slaves to the state. Read that the rich, continue to be rich. They continue to own property, they continue to live in high standards.

    Now as it was put by another person on this site....Piss off...but I will add,

    Piss of you freeloading, Marxist, anti-capitalistic Pig, you waste of human DNA, you "EUTOPIAN" seeking mutha F*(&(. This country was created by Capitalist who believed in Natural Law and rights that are given to us by our Creator. That we all should persue life, liberty and Happiness....BUT IT DOES NOT GUARENTEE THAT YOU WILL MAKE IT TO THE TOP, LET ALONE MAKE IT AT ALL!

    Read the Federalist and Anti Federalist Papers Schmuck!
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    What do you do for a living?
  9. Yes...we must not fall to that low level of greed with no end. We MUST leave something for the poor. I will start a charity that you all can donate money to where we will give the poor all the cake they can eat.

    Let them eat cake!

    I think there was some other rich people in another country that tried this once...but not sure how it turned out....But it must have turned out good...who doesnt like cake?

    Let them eat cake then!
  10. Rich people are necessary for the ecology in the development of human potential. What you're proposing is to give away fish instead of teaching people how to fish, which would contribute to keeping the poor people in a "victim roles". I'm sure that majority of rich people don't mind contributing to charities, but what you're proposing seems like socialism, and most of us (except from few individuals like you) know what it leads to. :eek:
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