Message To JADE:

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stonedinvestor, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. Darling most beloved let me start by saying I wish I had had more of you. Every bit of you. But today I am sad to say it is over. JADE continuing its recent sharp rally with another gain of 75c this morning. Has run from 4.30 to 10.75 in 7 weeks,but is now $4 above its 40 day mov avg... When I met you you were six. You had a spring in your step and a look in your eye-- a look that said " buy me ". You worked hard for me JADE. You do over 70% BETTER than when I buy you. Today though- I SELL you. Me so sorry!
  2. LOL Nice.
  3. Don't do this JADE! Stop! I mean it! You and I we had a good thing. Don't ruin it by running away. You should be backing and filling if not completely collapsing do to exhaustion. Stop Right Now!

    >JADE surges some more ,now +$1.53!!!!!:mad:
  4. Lame!
  5. Its only lame when you arent on the JADE train my friend.
  6. I was thinking the EXACT same thing Kaliman. It's really one of the most amazing stories no one is talking about.
  7. no question about stocks run up...what is lame is the way you phrased and described your exprirence, which I still think is quite lame.
  8. Wanna talk about amazing. Look at OPBL.OB!

    To bad i sat on the sideline from 2 bucks in Dec all the way till 5 when i finally jumped in. It hit 8 this week .Should get listed on NASDAQ in a short time.
  9. Forgive a stonedinvestor for a little humor once in a while ok Mr Jim nofun! Geez what is lame is the way you phrased and described your experience, which I still think is quite lame.

    lame, lame, lame I think you worked that into a sentence three times. I got your point. JADE happens to be a funny damn symbol. And when it makes your month for no apparent reason it gets even funnier when you sell early and it spikes more a little of the fun comes out when Mr Jim criticizes your take on things the experience is soured beyond belief. Did you ever wonder why no company has ever taken the symbol LAME- why not?> it's available.

    My stocks are like my children. We have fun all day. JADE well she will be replaced by someone of far more scientific nature, a real come upper smarty pants named STXS... it just doesn't roll off the tongue though.
  10. Somehow I lost money long in JADE two days ago, which was a joke. The Nasdaq small caps seem to be shorting opportunities these days.
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