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  1. On Friday the US futures sunk down lock-limit. Asia was crashing. You didn't cut rates. The US markets actually rose from their open but still closed down a hefty bit. You got lucky.

    Today, if the futures are down big again, you can't do the same. You must cut huge in order to restore what little credibility you have left. This is what the markets want you to do. If you don't, there is likely to be a crash.

    Don't make the same mistake twice.
  2. Evidence that the market wants a half rate cut now:

    This actually needed to be delivered yesterday, but Bernanke insists upon executing the playbook which has consistently proven unsuccessful thus far.
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    They will close the markets. Equity is bank tier 1 capital. Do we know any banks that matter children?

    Too many lobbyists that matter will be adversely affected. Haven't you heard about those poor CEO's being margin called. Time to act.
  4. so we're about 2.25% to the downside before they lock up the futures? (if need be). Could come within an hour as the Euro markets open.