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  1. If any of you kind hearted Pikers want to put some coin to good use you can sponsor this young lady on her Breast Cancer Marathon run. Click this link for details,

    Thanks Fellas.

  2. Top contributors:

    Katherine Teer $25.00
    Kristine Rogers $75.00
    brian makhuli $25.00

    let me guess...

    you must be Brian Makhuli
  3. Notice someone gave a c note anonymous. Take the wallet off the hip Sherlock.:cool:

    ps. The Marathon is in Chicago, cmon Merc traders how about some give back:)
  4. I made a small donation to this good cause earlier this week. Since then I've had a giant horse shoe sticking out my ass. Call it good Karma, luck or whatever. This has been an unbelievable week. A piece of property I've had on the Market for 3 years in the Black Forest of Germany just sold to some Russians. A business venture I'm involved with landed a major national account on Tuesday, and I just shot one of my best rounds of Golf in years. I think I might use the good Karma approach to launch a QQQ position next week. Give it a try Fellas...

    Rennick Goldfinger out:cool:
  5. with so much good luck i would not be a cheap bastard. i would have easily donated $120 or even $130 to a relative.
  6. A guy sent me message saying he donated $50 and his short position is up huge since. It's called Karma fellas, if you don't want to click the link above to support the Boob Marathon, send Jerry and his Kids some cash. C'mon take the wallet off the hip!Even if it doesn't bring good luck at least you won't be a piker for the day...


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