message from one Nobel prize recipient to another-

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  2. IOW... rather than being the "Land of Opportunity", and "The Home of the Free and the Brave", America is rapidly descending... becoming just as shitty as most other countries and their governments around the world.

    Trouble is... 50%+ of us "don't mind".. so long as they get their government check.

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    :mad: :mad:
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    Unless you're wealthy.
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    exactly. the patriot act over reached and obama made things even worse.
    liberals once cared about freedom and constitutional rights.
    now its the govt check. well stated.
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    I didn't read past this........

    By Jimmy Carter

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    After Jimmey Carter dies I hope they study his brain to find out what makes people so stupid and find a gene therapy to cure it.
  7. THE United States is abandoning its role as the global champion of human rights.


    Agreed. This is known as "leading from behind". It's Obama policy.
  8. I intend to get wealthy , it's the only logical choice.

    The cruel joke is after all (promises and attestations to the contrary) is said and done , liberal policies screw over the poor the most.