Message from Interactive Brokers

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  1. In case you are wondering if your money is safe at IB. Just received this message from the Chairman...

    Dear IB Customer:

    In these stressful financial times, we thought it would be helpful to remind you of our conservative risk systems and policies that make Interactive Brokers a safe haven for your money. Below please find a reproduction of an ad that we are running in the Wall Street Journal that summarizes our position.


    in·ter·ac·tive bro·kers
    [in-ter-ak-tiv bro-kərs] – noun
    1. No CDOs, Subprime Debt or Credit Default Swaps.
    2. $4 Billion in Equity Capital*.
    3. 31 Years in the Trading Business.
    4. Automated Pre-trade Credit Vetting.
    5. Real-time Margin System Automatically Enforces Limits.

    Investors concerned about deteriorating credit markets, broker failures, rumors of hedge fund liquidations and counter party credit risk should consider moving their accounts to Interactive Brokers.

    For over 30 years, controlling and avoiding risk has been the primary consideration in building our automated dealing and brokerage systems.

    Our company's sole focus is on exchange listed products that are cleared through central clearing houses and are marked daily to external closing prices disseminated by the exchanges.

    Our proprietary positions and resulting payables and receivables are reconciled against external sources daily. Our real-time margin system prevents the execution of orders for accounts with insufficient margin by continuously enforcing limits for each account, and it automatically liquidates positions if any individual account violates its limits at any time.

    A safe haven for investors and institutions, Interactive Brokers is ready to serve.

    Options, futures, commodities, stocks, forex, bonds and funds
    on over 70 markets worldwide from one account.

    For additional information and FAQs, see our Strength and Security page.

    We look forward to serving you over the coming years.


    Thomas Peterffy
    Interactive Brokers, Chairman & CEO