Mesh Network with 5G failover

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  1. I run my automated trading out of a datacenter but am looking to upgrade my home office set up to a mesh network that can failover to 5G if our primary fiber connection goes down. Current service is Fios (which is generally fine) and I'm guessing it makes more sense to failover to cellular to avoid a situation where a downed utility pole takes out two separate landline providers.

    Is this possible? Any recommendations on set up / products?

    The wifi coverage in the house stinks currently, so looking for solid mesh coverage as well. Appreciate any advice as I know nothing about networking.
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    I'm not sure about the 5G failover part, but I use this mesh system and it has been great. I bought two additional mesh points so I've got four in total. Three are for the inside of the house and one is for the outside.

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    Not sure what you want to achieve here.
    You want to setup a back of a backup of your primary connection which is off of a datacenter?

    If you're serious enough to have your automated trading running on a datacenter, why then do you bother to have a wifi setup instead of a wired connection?

    If your question has nothing to do with your trading connection, then why bother to have a fail-over to your 5G connection?
    If you want to have an automatic fail-over, then you'll need to have your 5G connection up and running and connected to your devices all the time. Otherwise, your fail-over will be manual, which is not that bad for non-mission critical tasks.
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    Take a look at Dual WAN failover routers. Upgrade problem as explained, solved!
  5. My most mission critical stuff runs in a datacenter. However, I remote into it for monitoring and/or tinkering, so I'd still like to have access if my primary goes down. I also run testing of prototype strategies on live data from home, so another reason I'd like failover. Lastly, wife and two internet can cause unrest.

    Does up and running simply mean connected but unused? If so, that's fine if I'm not racking up unnecessary data charges.
  6. Yep, that looks like what I need. Is there any special port/connection/whatever required for 5G? Any recommendation on a good Dual WAN failover router that also offers mesh coverage?
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    Offers mesh coverage? I don't think you have a good understanding of mesh.
    Your network (your trading rig, the kids rig, the wifey rig, and other devices) form a LAN(WAN) network via a connection to a router or combination of routers and switches. The internet connects to the router. With proper permissions, connection to the router has access to the internet. In what I think is an easily understandable explanation, a mesh network is more like a blockchain... If one node (a rig or device) is not available, the same data is still available via other nodes.

    I have no specific recommendations as I dismantled a similar setup a few years back and I am not up-to-date with current hardware available in the marketplace.
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    You can get routers these days with a slot for a sim card. So if your cable connection goes down the internet automatically shifts to the sim connection. Look at Draytek modems/routers.Many business broadband providers have this sort of system and for traders (at home) it's always better to go with a business broadband connection than one marketed to homes.

    Not sure about 5G because it's new but they all work with 4G which should be fine for your needs (as a backup).

    PS. Tiddly, I'm not so sure than a MESH network has anything to do with stored data like a blockchain. As I understand a mesh network it's just a bunch of devices pushing out an internet connection around the house.
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