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  1. Anybody use this? Could be helpful to identify trending instruments and which indicators to use.....

    This indicator can be tried at and anybody willing to share their findings here would be saving time for others and truly helping.

    Developed by John Elhers, the Mesa Sine Wave utilizes two sine plots to illustrate if the market is a cycle mode or in a trend mode. When the two plots resemble a Sine wave the market is in cycling mode. When the plots start to wander the market is said to be in a trend mode. In a trend mode the Sine and Lead Sine plots typically languish in a sideways pattern near zero, running parallel and distant from each other.
    One useful attribute of the MESA Sine Wave indicator is that it will anticipate cycle mode turning points rather than waiting for confirmation as is seen with most other oscillators. The indicator has the additional advantage that trend mode whipsaw signals are minimized.

    The indicator consists of two plots - one line displaying the Sine of the measured phase angle over time and the other the Sine of the phase angle advanced by 45 degrees (the Lead Sine). Together the crossings of the Sine and Lead Sine give clear advanced indication of cycle mode turning points.

    When the market is in cycle mode, a buy signal is given as the Sine plot crosses above the Lead Sine plot. The sell signal is given when the Sine plot crosses below the Lead Sine plot.

    When the market is in the trend mode, trade the trend. Basic moving average crossovers may be useful for entering and exiting positions in this type of market.
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    I watch a short variation of it but don't rely on it to give signals. When the lead sine widens from the mesa sine the market is usually trending but quite often it is too late to act unless you are using something else to determine entry and exit.
  3. Yes, the first line of my post and the last line of the description concurs with your statement...just to ID this is the start then use other methods/indicators...

    Thanks for the response...I was curious as to who else used it and their opinions...

    Michael B.

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    Do a search. I think I recall someone else saying they used the Mesa Sine in their method.
  5. Hi all,

    Here we go again. Please do a search on Mesa. In spite of all the 'advanced hoolaballo' published in the past by Ehlers in different magazines falling for his 'scientific looking' crap, could somebody, please, point me to an article where he was required to publish any minimal but credible backtest of his so called methods.

    Independent verification of methods published in his book also seems to be questionable according to prior comments on ET.

    Please quit rambling along about this, unless you come up with some truly hard facts. Don't refer to so called verification by 'independent' commercial experts.

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  6. How could you backtest this? I do not use it as a signal, nor does the published description I posted indicate to use it that way.

    I am just illustrating that there is a time to use oscillating use this indicator to id trend vs non trend seems to be valid....after getting your answer from this indicator tells you how to trade the stock and with which indicators....

    Michael B.

    P.S. as to the use of his other indicators, I do not know.....I am not rambling...just gathering new info in a new thread.....not old threads with old info...

  7. ElectricSavant,

    I only tried to be helpful. As you see, I am also curious about any new info. I am simply recalling the thick fog of the past surrounding Mesa. I sincerely hope that your initiative may make us see the first moment of truth about Mesa.

    Thx for trying once more,