Merry Christmas

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    Wanted to wish the Traders here and your Families a Merry Christmas:)

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    Max E.

    Merry Christmas to you to LEAPup, and happy Hanukka :D

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    Merry Christmas to everybody on Chit-Chat.:)
  4. Merry Christmas and peace on earth..
  5. Merry Christmas and peace on earth..
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    Thanks for that video, nutmeg. Notice that The Great Communicator closed his speech with "God bless us every one". There was no exclusion, and I wish that everyone would take to heart Reagan's every one.
  10. I'm a little behind on the Holiday news but I checked around. Obama Christmas message and found this.

    On Tuesday, the Obama 2012 campaign released an instructional video titled “Home for the Holidays: Share Why You’re Working to Re-elect President Obama.” Instead of relaxing with loved ones, the president’s monomaniacal campaign staff and volunteers provide “pointers” and “strategies” for fellow progressives to convert their “stubborn” families.

    “If the conversation at the dinner table turns to politics over the holidays,” they advise, “don’t just quickly change the subject. As you head home this weekend, think about how you’ll steer the discussion to the progress we’ve made over the past three years — from health care to ending the war in Iraq — and why the people you’re passing the mashed potatoes to should support President Obama in 2012.”

    That Michelle, such a ball breaker huh.
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