Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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    Just wanted to wish Everyone a Merry Christmas!!

    I just can not believe 2008 was here, and almost gone!

    2009 is right around the corner, and for so many of us here
    state side we have so much to be greatful for!!

    May all of you be blessed during this season of giving...
    May all of your families be in good health...

  2. Thanks, and God bless you and yours.
  3. times like this remind us that there is ONE JESUS

    and that jews had him killed :p :p

    but anyway he wanted to be killed so go figure
  4. jho


    Here is my one prediction of the year: ET will screw up this thread somehow ... someway.

    Here's to hoping they won't :p

    Merry Christmas everyone!!
  5. Not everyone on ET is Christian, putz. MY hero is Siddhatta Gautama, who managed to save HIS age without getting crucified. Jesus was just the most obnoxious Israelite to annoy the Romans. Well done, I say to Pilate for making the locals do his imperial dirty work. And where are the lucky descendants of Barrabas? Walking the boardwalk of South Beach, the fat pricks, looking down their crooked noses at goyim like me. Not realizing that I am actually Buddhist.
  6. that's our hypo,

    rumor has it hypo was actually dead, and is the only one besides Jesus that came back

    Satan probably sent him back .....specifically to ET :eek: :D
  7. At the winter solstice, in the dead of winter in Nepal, unwise men await the fatherless birth by a whore of the spirit of Plecostomus, the black shit-eating fish. Not being able to afford the airfare to Bethlehem, they chant "What rough beast slouches toward Kapilavastu to be born?"
  8. Ya'll hug your family and friends and tell them how much you appreciate them in your life.
    Merry Christmas!:)
  9. *<|:)

    Merry Christmas everyone!
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    That didn't take long.
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