Merrill the next Enron?

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  1. they actively denied this and stated they revealed offbook writedowns in the latest earnings.

    That would blow me away if Merrill was no longer.

    If I had to bet on an Enron, I'd say its goldman. When its too good to be true, it probably is.

    If goldman somehow successfully entirely hedged their ABX exposure to the point of zero loss when not one other player was capable of it, that stinks like a rat.
  2. Probably. It's bonus time afterall.
  3. They offered a free put for anyone who bought debt from them. Agreed to swap the debt in one year at a guaranteed profit for the counterparty. No reciprocity for MER... it's fraudulent and illegal. MER trades to 45 before the end of the year. Stan O'Neal should be forced to disgorge his 2006 pay and his parachute. The guy should do hard-time.
  4. GS came out today and categorically-denied any write-offs on debt. No way in hell there is any smoke at GS. They are simply that good.
  5. Has anyone heard the rumor that MER will be indicted on RICO charges?
  6. That's odd, merril never struck me as being puerto rican.

  7. this proves affirmative action doesn't work
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    Can you substantiate that with some hard evidence? If true and it gets out then your MER forecast might be out by a decimal point or two.
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    this proves nothing. What are you smoking ?
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