Merrill Says $25 Oil in 2009

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by libertad, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. Obama might fund a lot of alt stuff to make his presidency a good thing. Arguably we have proven technology to replace 90% of our oil usage economically.... after a huge infrastructure payout.
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    how quick opinions change, just 6 months ago $200-$300 oil was coming now $20 bucks. I say forget about $20 just bring it down to the single digits and gas at the pump will be $1.00a gallon. You will be lucky to see $150 a barrel again, not for at least a decade. By then technology will be so advanced that oil bulls will lucky to even see $100.
  3. This must be a buy signal of some kind. On second thought, maybe I should wait until it hits the cover of Time or The Economist first.
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    That's exactly what I thought when I read it. It would be intersting to go back and look at Merrill's prediction 6 months ago.

    I remember when GS forecasted $200 oil, when it was trading around $130-140. That pretty much marked the top.

    I wonder if these guys don't purposefuly lie in order to gain the upper hand on their positions.
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    Dweeb! Just playin :p
    But for real, these big playas are looking out for their own bottom line...
    Gotta get some suckers to buy oil at 150 in order to LIQUIDATE/SELL a huge position.

    I don't ever believe these "forcasts."
    Trade in and out. I never play the prediction game anymore.
  7. Oil may or may not see 25$, one thing for sure though is Merrills stock will never see 25 again! :p
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    oil at 25 could happen but i agree that this might be a sign that the bottom is near...
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