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    I would like to know which prop firms can offer remote access with Merrill Lynch Pro Tradespeed to trade on Arca, Brut/Inet and Size.
    Until now i only found 2 companies; Chicago Trading Services and CBD Trading Group which offer Tradespeed, don't know about their routing possibilities.
    Does anybody trade with one of these firms? Please send your comments.
  2. I really don't know, but this begs the question..."why" - these days most platforms are about the same...some firms still "talk" about their technology, but for the last few years, they have all pertty much gotten to simple point and click execution and routing system. Even RediPlus has improved significantly since Goldman took over.

    "Buy, Sell, Cancel" that's pretty much all you can do...with API and automated programs pretty much integrated...


  3. I use ML PRO... Solid Platform.. Been using it for a while and have watched it evolve into a top notch execution solution. PM me if you got questions about it. :)
  4. who do you trade ml pro threw? how are there rates per share?
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    Hi Don,

    one of the reasons for me to maybe start trading with chicago trading services and use Tradespeed and clear through Merrill Pro is their leverage which they offered me for for overnight positions. My positions are neutral (hedged with futures / or spy / dia) so I could use more leverage than i have at the moment.

    By the way I agree with you that most front ends offer about the same functionality. (although there are always some differences, like order types; I use Realtick for sending peg orders through Arca but I also use for example Interactive Brokers TWS to send peg orders through Inet)


  6. Just, FWIW, our hedged guys might use 50:1 or more, not "abuse" of course, (and do well), what kind of leverage do you need?

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    I would need between for example 5:1 and 10:1 for overnights, (but I do not have a series 7). I trade remote from Europe.
  8. Simple enough to take the S7, and you can take the course online now.

    Just FYI.

  9. hey mr don
    just curious about website where you can take series 7 online? i already have it, just curious. i want to check it out.

    er, maybe i misunderstood ya, do you mean study for it online in order to take the test.

  10. You can? Do you have a link with information about that?
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