Merrill Lynch employee angry over bonus

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  2. He actually enhanced the ambiance of the place by doing that.
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    (Bath)room For Improvement At Firm

    The restrooms at Bridgewater Associates apparently have gone to pot-ty, and the firm, flooded by complaints from staffers about the horrid conditions, turned to an e-mail campaign to help flush out the perpetrators and restore the facilities to a relatively pristine state. Now, getting office staff to cooperate in housekeeping matters is always a crapshoot, but Bridgewater could no longer stall taking action, as a "serious cleanliness issue" overflowed. Recently, the firm circulated an internal e-mail stating that employees have found "very unsettling" and "disturbing" the conditions cropping up in the bathroom. The e-mail did not detail the actual problem it identified, but in a delicate way did advise, "If at any time you are not feeling well or experience extreme sickness, please advise someone on the Facilities team so that an 'out of order' sign can temporarily be placed [on] that particular stall or restroom while the necessary people who can properly disinfect and sterilize the area, are contacted." The clean-up crew usually reports after 5 p.m
  5. Suss-----I guess they won't ever be catering Mexican nor East Indian food for lunch. :p
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