Merrill Lynch caught illegally disseminating S&P downgrades

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  2. it just worked for me, but i'll try again

    these are leaked docs, it's possible that some organizations don't want these examined.........
  3. If Merrill is even disseminating S&P downgrades (illegally), to secondary, non-financial parties, insider trading is more prevalent than anyone knows.
  4. I cant get the website to work either. Server is down or something. Is there another link?
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    I can't get the link to work either, but after working for Mother Merrill at one time, I can say getting caught is fitting for them.
  6. Dude, host this sh*t. wtf. Darwin.
  7. Stupid host is being bombarded. It's one of those kids from Lulzsec or something.

  8. Whoa!

    At first I couldn't get back into this webpage.

    I didn't see that the claim didn't concern any ol' leaked downgrades, BUT THE S&P DOWNGRADES FOR THE UNITED STATES.

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