Merrill Edge Market Pro

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by operator, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. I have some bank accounts and a few IRA's with BAC and it looks like they just rolled out an active trader platform. I am looking at it now for the first time. Looks like they are using software from IDC called Market-Q. Looks pretty good so far. Decent charts, DJ news, etc... Pricing I think is $5/trade plus I get 30 free trades/mo.

    Does anyone have any feedback on Market-Q?
  2. I used it extensively at a company I was with before, many of our advisors used it. I know the platform pretty well. Its basically one of IDC's premier platforms. A highly functional platform, it can do a lot and usability is pretty smooth.

    I had a ML account for awhile, and when they upgraded to the new Market-Q little bit ago I was pretty happy. Then when they added the screens for access to your ML ACcounts, I was even happier.

    I've done a good portion of my trades using the Market-Q screens since the update last month, every now and then using the Edge Portal. I've found a handful of quirks, but they are minor and dont effect the order execution or account access, more a few preferences with the various windows that dont save, but for a Version 1 it looks pretty darn good.