Merkel’s CDU Votes to Allow "Voluntary" Exits From Euro Area

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  1. German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union party voted to offer euro states a “voluntary” means of leaving the currency area.

    CDU delegates meeting in the eastern German city of Leipzig for their annual party congress today backed a motion on the euro that included a clause permitting euro exits without exclusion from the European Union. They rejected an amendment that would have sought to change voting at the European Central Bank so that it is weighted according to economic size.

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    Bye, bye Greece, Protugal, Ireland ...and maybe Spain and Italy, too? Does this mean EURO @ 2,20 EUR/USD, soon?
  2. but then it becomes stupid. The whole concept of the Euro becomes meaningless.

    They can just call the new currency the Franc-Mark
  3. ammo


    they need to make one central government in Europe,until then,there will be no unified resolution
  4. zdreg


    france is a lot closer than u think to exiting the euro. they are not in that much better condition than italy or spain.
  5. sheda


    Yet thats not going to happen
  6. ammo


    in hindsight, they needed to do it before the euro formed
  7. C6H12O6


    THEY should do Europe a favor and "voluntarily" exit the euro area.
    Euro's problem is Germany.
  8. That's a very southern european thing to say

  9. C6H12O6


    You haven't seen Belgium-Austria-France spreads lately, have you ?
    If the trend keeps on, in a matter of days it's Germany VS rest of Europe