Merkel:made progress and will achieve our ambitious goals by Wednesday

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  1. BRUSSELS -- European finance ministers edged toward an agreement on recapitalizing the region's banks Saturday but fell short of a final plan as they continued to debate options to boost the region's debt bailout fund to stem the spreading debt crisis.

    The latest plan for boosting the firepower of the bailout fund was to set up a special purpose vehicle which could draw in commitments from private investors and sovereign wealth funds. That was said to be one of two final options that French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel were set to discuss in a meeting late Saturday.

    After a 10-hour meeting on the bank recapitalization plan, some officials appeared optimistic EU leaders would agree on a comprehensive response to the sovereign debt crisis at a summit Sunday or a follow-up meeting Wednesday.

    "I believe that the finance ministers have made progress and that we will achieve our ambitious goals by Wednesday," Ms. Merkel told reporters on her way into a dinner sponsored by the European People's Party.

    European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said that a solution is "within reach" while Mr. Sarkozy said leaders faced several more days of "absolutely crucial meetings."
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  3. I knew the Eurozone shill would find the one positive article and ignore all the reports of extreme in fighting between the various leaders.

    Keep it up, nobody sees thru your obvious shill job.
  5. "Looking forward to the rumors released at 4pm est to ramp futures"