Merkel - Hardly Any Countries Have Agreed To Put Money In The Efsf

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  1. Perhaps the other countries understand that once they burn through this bit of EFSF dough, they'll be hat-in-hand once again.
  2. eurusd can only rise on such news.
    why? banks, funds, central banks and now brokers with customers money are trying very hard to lose as much money as possible.
    its the only way customers reward managers.
    make them +50% and they'll leave, smelling you're scam.
    i'm 100% dead serious about it.
  3. and now, when eurusd collapses, let's buy more and average down.
    hey, its the only trading method we know!
    its not our money, so who cares about the end result?

    buy all euro denominated assets. SNB can't be wrong :D

    we bankers dont want to spend rest of our lives in the offices.
    the only way to remove us from our jobs is to lose 2... no, 3 5 billion dollars.

    and in case of central banks. well, burning 15 trillion $ is still not enough. the dumb masses still think we are useful ;-)
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  5. I think this guy (Cameron) has lost it. What the heck is he trying to say?

    'No government has ever lost money on lending to the IMF. It does not put British taxpayer money at risk. I'm not asking British taxpayers to contribute to the IMF because Europe has not done enough. Britain will not invest in the eurozone bailout fund, Britain will not invest in the IMF so that the IMF can invest in the eurozone bailout fund. The rest of the world is saying, we are responsible countries, we want the global economy to work. Resourcing the IMF is not a subsitute for the eurozone dealing with its own problems. '

    Asked about the possibility of Greece leaving the Euro, he says:

    'The Greeks have to decide, do they want to stay in the eurozone and accept the package offered? What they can't do is string this out endlessly. The world can't wait for the eurozone to go through endless questions and changes about this.... If Greece was to leave the eurozone there would be bad economic effects that would be felt across Europe, including in the UK. Because of that, it is right we should have proper contingency plans in place to deal with any eventualities. '
  6. Financial engineering with the debt ain't gonna cut it. What we REALLY need.. in Eurozone, England, even the US... is to CUT THE TIT-SUCKING PARASITES WAAAYYYYY BACK. The productive part of society cannot afford such a high parasitic load. It will eventually kill us all unless fiscal sanity is restored.

    :mad: :mad:
  7. Scataphagos, perfectly right.
    but you see, the society does not want and does not understand this.

    they want a cheap beer, cola, futbol match. and a hamburger with lotsa ketchup
  8. Society needs to learn what my Grandpa told me years ago... "Hope in one hand, shit in the other... see which hand gets filled up first"...

    Democrats have tried very hard to DESTROY America in their pandering to the "want something for nothing.. in exchange for our vote" crowd. At some point all of that largess becomes unaffordable and unsustainable.

    If we're not there already, we're uncomfortably close.

    :mad: :mad:
  9. Politicians and big corporations wanted exactly that. They have developed an entire system, killing merit, competition and reward for risk and talent!
    They HATE people taking risk, they HATE people that think, they HATE people that trade! And I am not talking about the so-called socialist countries.
    They just want everybody to watch the fucking football and get drunk
    People are not born lazy, they are turned into lazy, unwilling bums from school on.
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