Merkel, FDP Win Enough to Form Government; Steinmeier Concedes

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Billy Thunder, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. Steinbrück is history. Thank God. One less mental midget pressing for global financial regulation.
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    Great news.
  3. definately good news. Merkel was just tryin to sway some voters with the tac and now say she wants to lower tax. since steinbruck will be out because no more spd coalition . Merkel won enuf for a conservative coalition. anyways anyone against fhe tax search face book for anti defazio wall street tax i started that page please join the group
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    How facebook is different from ET forum (Sorry, I am not that familiar with facebook and what it can achieve that ET can't)?
  5. well here on this forum there is a lot of immaturity. and we are preaching to an audience that already agrees with the tax so et is really useless. when people on facebook search for defazio, who has a page on face book or if someone searches for afl cio they will come across my group. its another way of being proactive and maybe opening the eyes of some people who support the groups who are for the tax. i will keep it intelligent and professional unlike et. plus i can network it to other trading and fianacial services groups who it would affect. for all that it tops ET. ET is where we can all whine to each other this group can get the cause out there more. but hey i am not sellin anything just tryin to promote the cause anyway i can
  6. GKISHOT just reread my post just wanted to say it was not meant offensive in anyway just wanted to point out how it can help and be a good thing and try to put our cause out. especially put us out there where people who want the cause are advertising
  7. Buy all the Euro you can!!!!:p
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    congratulations to Germany. Germany moves right and the US moves left.
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    This election is great news, thank God Steinbrück is going! This is what Merkel wished for, so the next few years should be good for the German business climate.
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