Merideth Whitney on CNBC

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  1. DennisR


    Anyone catch this interview? If she's right (which she has been lately) we're in for a bad couple months.

    Basically she downgraded estimates on financals and increased expected write downs. ...dividend cuts, everything...
    guess we'll see.
  2. Too busy fantasizing about tearing into the putty to listen to what she was saying.
  3. Thank you, is there anything more erotic than an (attractive) women who knows her derivatives. Maybe I could be her house boy!
  4. Daal


    if she is right about the dividends that will get financials to nose dive
  5. ener555


    That was a really good interview and I agree that if she is correct 90% of all the analysts that called a bottom in the market may have to rethink but then again it may turn out completely different.

    I think she is pretty smart though.

    P.S. Anyone has the link to the interview? I wanna listen to it again bc I missed the first few minutes
  6. Didn't need her to tell me...

    Check out Jim Willie
  7. She's lowballing the w/downs. Remember, as the boys will tell you, they are 'write downs' not 'offs'. We can write them up later."

    That's like saying, 'see this stock at 100? I had it at 20." And he doesn't mention he sold it into a margin call at 2. They aint' gonna be around to write up. As as far as 'off' goes, the first name is 'Jack".
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