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  1. What happens to data when companies merge??

    For example.

    Travelers Group Inc merged with Citicorp in 1998 to form Citigroup, current ticker C.

    But on google/yahoo finance the ticker goes wayy back to early 20th Century.

    Does NYSE/GOOGLE/YAHOO automatically incorporate mergers?? What happened to Chrysler who had the C ticker before?

    thanks, sorry for noob question :)
  2. mickmak


    That's a great question!!

    I am wondering about the samething after seeing your question. Take Thomson and Reuters for example. The merger removed RTRSY symbol, and introduced TRI. But on GOOG, you can get historical daily back to 2002 - this merger didn't happen until 2005ish. So my guess with the merger case is maybe the takeover entity (Thomson, here) is backdated?

    But you case with C as the old symbol for one compnay and then reused for another..... I am not sure. Historical data for C is available from 1977 on Google.

    Maybe someone with significantly more market data knowledge can fill in.