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  1. dont try to understand it and in particular when talking heads are essentially saying the market is wrong is about to crash or whatever is the time to consider pressing your longs....get square when they say the outlook is fair/ok and get short when the guy down the street and or a stupid relative is talking about the easy money they are making in the market.there you have just keep it simple
  2. We are just waiting for the dow to get back to 14000 to sell.
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    There is no rhyme or reason for why the market keeps going up but I see no reason to sell. If the daily charts go parabolic I will sell into that. Until then, surf's up.
  4. S&P at 1100 feels like a pretty good place to take some profits...and dump a few losers that I started accumulating way too early. I don't want to pay capital gains when my long term portfolio is basically back to scratch.

    The holiday shopping season might be the next catalyst up or down, so I think we'll know soon enough where the market is headed from here.
  5. Hard to time macro trading.
  6. Maybe the market just doesn't follow fundamentals...

    Those silly economic theories are taken so seriously sometimes.
  7. She can't figure it out because she is a analyst and not a trader. She will be right one day, but you will have missed a lot of money. People were saying bear market rally since June!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Fundamentals lag, pure price action is the only way unless you a have deep pockets.