Meredith Whitney: "Unemployment is headed to 13%"

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Daal, Jul 13, 2009.

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    Real unemployment is already about 20%, and we are heading for at least 25%, IMO.
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    Goldman must have a long option on unemployment.

    Damn those guys are good.
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    I don't think it will hit 13 but I don't think she's that far off though. I know a shit load of people out of work, all of them sending resumes, and none of them getting a phone call. I know 2 people who have gone back to school for their PhD's just to get the 21k stipend and health care. It's scary out there.
  5. about 20%? where did you see that?
  6. She's a powerful women... she was the catalyst for today's nice rally in the financials.

    I don't know how people are able to predict employment accurately... lets just watch price action for the direction of the economy. Initial claims are Thursday.

    Watch those earnings. CSX already good.
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  8. She is just as corrupt as the rest. How any one can upgrade a stock on the eve or close to reporting, is criminal. She upgrades Goldman the only one out of 7-8 Financials I believe she watchs.

    Somewhere she got / was bought and the worse thing about people like her is they have no fiduciary responsibility for their actions. Absolutely no recourse, just another person in Goldman's pocket. You would think with all the news over the last year about corruption this type of behaviour not be allowed.

    In my personal opinion it is criminal how she upgrades Goldman on news CIT Group is in trouble, just a Tim's statements. To convenient.

    Hell, I'm happy with the move not the method.
  9. Way above 13%.

    She's being diplomatic (as in not wanting to be blamed for panicking people).

    We'll see reported unemployment of at least 15% if not more.
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    anything above 10% on unemployment is scary stuff. although word out there is that it is going to get better in second half of 2009 and lot better in 2010. very much hope so. :D :cool:
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