Meredith Whitney Stock Research - $50,000 a year

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  1. Daal


    I guess financials are bottoming :p

    "The cost is at least $50,000 per year in trading commissions, or hard
    dollar check.

    Erica L Moffett, Associate Director of Equity Research
    Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. | 300 Madison Avenue | New York, NY 10017
    +1 212 667 7103 | EMAIL/AOL: "
  2. She's made a lot of people serious cash over the past 18 months.

    $50,000 in commissions is nothing.
  3. Does it include a date with Meredith, and maybe a few curves can yield :D
  4. After several beers, she could be "do able". :cool:
  5. I am sure she is worth every penny if she kept you out of City from $20.00 down. She is pretty interesting, her thesis is simple; that the writedowns affect capital ratios which means more shares and price dilution ie., lower prices. She is married to a pro wrestler, too funny!:)
  6. For sure. i dont even think i'd need several. 2 or 3 :)
    I mean if i waasnt married .
  7. A cheaper solution would be brown paper bag. Cost effective.
  8. John "Bradshaw" aka "Death Mask" already does her.
  9. I cracks me up that an analyst is all of a sudden somehow an oracle and divine guru after making a good call. I can remember when people thought Henry Blodget walked on water because he predicted AMZN would hit $400. I'm sure she is a good analyst but the amount of sheep that flock to them AFTER the call is always pretty funny.
  10. S2007S


    Does anyone know the EXACT dates she started make these calls, I know she used to be on the FOX programming on Saturday morning years ago, I dont recall her being so negative on the financials even back then.

    Did she just come out throwing this prediction around in the last 12 months????
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