Meredith Whitney is a "TRUE G "

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  1. she's a true gangsta !!!! she was on 60 minutes talking about the next shoe to drop; municipal bond defaults. she says hundreds of billions are at stake and the states and municipalities cannot pay back bond holders. she called the housing crash well in advance and she is calling this one. she has the guts to tell the truth and not just wht sounds good on tv.
    Meredtith can hang with me and my crew any day. I'm a true G and a hood in every sense ofthe word.
  2. Wasn't that her one and only good call? Hasn't she been calling for the "second leg down" in banks and housing for 2 years or so?

    And just what is a "G"?
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    G Spotter?
  4. Vinny stigma?
  5. Hag nor Hog starts with G, but close. Perhaps she's unfamiliar with the word "stimulus"
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    Tsing Tao

  7. Between government incompetence, corruption and outright theft, I'm surprised the money lasted this long. Add financing the American dream for every illegal under the's over.
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    christie said it in there.
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