Meredith Whitney increases estimates of Merrill Lynch write-downs

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  1. Merrill Lynch may write off between $4 billion and $7 billion this quarter, according to a note from CIBC World Markets analyst Meredith Whitney following the U.S. firm's capital boost on Monday. She previously estimated write-downs of $6 billion. "Merrill Lynch accomplished the first step in what we expect to be a several step process with this capital raise. Next step should be further asset disposals and purging of its balance sheet. But we believe the most disruptive step of true structural reorganization/right sizing will dominate the bulk of 2008," she told clients.}&dist=hplatest
  2. It would make for a better buy-signal if she did that when MER is ticking at 50.01.....50.00.....50.01......50.00...............49.99!