Meredith Whitney: I no can haz cheesburgr

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  1. Default = even just a modification. For that, she was right. There were many muni bonds that had to modify the terms.
  2. clacy


    I learned a long time ago not to listen to these so-called experts. Even though they are often right, their timing is almost always way off. Usually months or years too soon.

    Bill Gross would be another great recent example.
  3. Still not in your league with your perpetual real estate bull market pablum. Even David Lereah was embarassed by your rabid bullishness.
  4. LMAO! I did say sell and that was the end of that and that took place near the top.

    Your comment is similar to another imbecile: I've Abandoned My Euro!! thread.

    Denner you should post only in the Politics and Religion threads with your fellow degenerate republicans.
  5. Bullshit you did. You were the biggest wind at your back cheerleader this place has ever seen. Like I said, your timing was as bad as the head of the NAR.

    Now, we get all your liberal braindroppings just as the world is finally figuring out you don't create more debt to solve a debt problem.

    I'm sure five years from now you'll tell us you jumped off this bandwagon as well.
  6. Made a crap load of Money with Schiff. If that's crapola, gimme more of it.
  7. Covertibility and Stock777 were separated at birth. Both hindsight geniuses with a real flair for wind at your back analysis.
  8. More from the author to defend his position.

    State governments recently finished the seventh consecutive quarter of rising tax receipts.

    But many states have made deep cuts in expenses and, in most cases, budget gaps have been closed without reliance on one-time solutions.

    The market dealt with the bankruptcies of Harrisburg, PA and Jefferson County, AL without seeing a backup in overall tax-free yields. It treated these bankruptcies as “one-off events, caused by specific problems of municipal malfeasance, and not as being indicative of overall municipal health. As we have also written, overall financial health is better at the state level than at the local level – but all levels of government have been learning how to do more with less.


    Do you guys believe this?
  9. Ummm, not in a million f'ing years do I believe a word of it.

    Not to mention that there are quite a few states with strong unions that are literally creating a sinkhole that there is no way to either tax or grow out of.
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