Meredith Whitney Falters in Trying to Repeat Citigroup Success

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  1. Oct. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Meredith Whitney, the bank analyst who jumped to celebrity from obscurity by correctly predicting Citigroup Inc.’s dividend cut, is having less success divining stock market winners and losers.

    Since Whitney founded her own firm last year, about two- thirds of her picks have fared worse than market indexes. Missed calls include Visa Inc., the payments network that fell 14 percent after Whitney called it her “single best buy,” and credit-card issuer Capital One Financial Corp., which tripled after she urged clients to sell.
  2. and yet i see her on bloomberg, her picks being highlighted and being talked about like she shits gold. as far as i'm concerned, she is another boutique that has yet to prove herself as someone who consistantly picks winners.
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    Elaine Garzarelli 2.0
  4. Abby Joseph Cohen has been wildly bullish for the last ten years. She is the worst market prognosticator ever.
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    I remember abby cohen in the late 90's, she would come on cnbc say buy and boom the nq would move 90 points. Those were the good ol days, which are never ever coming back.
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    Never say "never ever coming back". Ever.
  7. No matter how bad you are, you're likely to keep your job so long as you're bullish.
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    Well put it this way I'm not hopeful of the nq moving 300 points a day and stocks like brcm and sdli moving 50-100 dollars a day.
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    Look who she works for.
  10. All these people have god given talent, amazing skills, world class references.

    Unfortunately ,none of those have a thing to do with picking winners.

    Only Jack Hershey has a worse long term record.
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