Meredith Whitney cuts profit estimates for Goldman and Morgan Stanley

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  1. Closely watched research firm Meredith Whitney Advisory Group on Thursday cut its profit estimates for investment banks Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Whitney cut her fourth-quarter earnings forecast for Goldman to $6 a share from $6.38, while her full-year view was dropped to $19.57 from $19.95 a share. Goldman's 2010 estimate went to $19.65 from $21.73 a share, and the 2011 outlook was lowered to $20.60 a share from $24.04. Meanwhile, Whitney cut her 2010 estimate for Morgan Stanley to $2.60 from $2.63 a share, and dropped the 2011 forecast to $2.75 a share from $3.28.
  2. Nice timing. Aren't both stocks off about 20% from their highs already?
  3. Earnings may go down but P/E multiples can go up. :D
  4. is it me or is she scary ?
  5. this woman thinks because she got 1 or 2 calls correct she can start her own guess is she faces bankruptcy in a few yrs time