Mercury in the Swine Flu Vaccine: Washington Post

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    Don't take it.

    The vaccine requires 2 shots. Sometimes 3 (for kids).

    Multi-dose vials of the shot will contain thimerosal (a mercury-based preservative).

    Mercury is a potent neurotoxin that aggressively kills brain cells.

    Vaccine Makers and Government Officials have total immunity

    In Europe, the vaccine is slated for approval within one week of physical delivery. No short or long-term clinical trials will be done.

    America plans a 3-month vaccination trial of perhaps 1,000 volunteers, before it rolls out 600 Million doses. No medium or long-term trials will be done.

    1 American died from 1976 Swine Flu.

    500 Americans contracted Guillain-Barré syndrome - a severe paralytic condition - after taking the 1976 Swine Flu Vaccination. 25 of those afflicted with GBS from the vaccination - but not infected with actual swine flu - died.

    In 3 months, 377 Americans have died from Swine Flu.

    In that same 3 month period, 9,000 Americans died from regular Flu (36,000 deaths annually).
  2. Anyone who gets this is a literal Guinea Pig.

    That's why the CDC is paying adults a grand a piece right now to subject themselves to all sorts of possible, horrible side effects that could result from this series of shots, after signing a complete waiver, of course.

    The shot in 1976 caused thousands of people to die or become paralyzed or develop neurological disorders.

    I can't believe they're going to use thimerosal again after the autism controversy.
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    I know. Its nuts. I'm gonna warn the family and friends, this week.
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    The medical system in the US is nuts. It's rampaging all over us and Big Pharma owns the politicians.. They roll out stuff in Europe because Europeans can't sue. Their laws are different.

    Implantables are tested on the European guinea pigs and if they don't kill too many then US sales begin. Sometimes if it does kill Europeans the stuff will be sold to the VA or whatever until the supplies are used up then they have a voluntary recall with the FDA and throw away a token amount of the stuff complete with press releases, to make themselves look good...
  5. Vaccines have nothing to do with autism.
  6. Complete and total speculation and, if I may add, horseshit.

    You cannot prove that any more than parents saying it DOES have something to do with Autism can prove their side.

    I personally know three separate families in NJ that have said their child/children were perfectly happy babies until vaccinated, where after they ran very high fevers for a week and afterward were NOT the same, only to be later diagnosed with autism.
  7. global warming Hoax, swine flu vaccine HOAX, what will the govt come up with next??:mad:
  8. Your only evidence is anecdotal. Your conclusion that I am promoting "horseshit" is groundless.

    The mercury component in vaccines was taken out many, many years ago, and still autism is diagnosed in children.

    Over twenty scientific studies have failed to make the connection between vaccines and autism, and the Andrew Wakefield major study that originally made the connection has been thoroughly debunked. Wakefield himself has been brought up on ethics violations. He made up his data, and made a ton of money off of his "research"(a disgrace to medicine).

    As a parent of an autistic child, I know the pain, but if those families are being made to believe that vaccines caused the autism of their children, they are being deceived.

    Indeed, parents who do not vaccinate their children are causing a public health risk that has already cost lives.
  9. My argument was not that mercury in vaccines caused autism. My comment was that I have heard from three separate instances where the families are certain that the vaccines caused their child's autism. I said you cannot prove the link does not exist any more than they can prove that it does.

    But there is an obvious belief in families concerned about it to make the possibility something any parent would want to look at.

    I held off on vaccinating my son (who is now 17 months old) for this very reason - as I do not believe it was necessary to vaccinate an infant who is only weeks old with multiple vaccinations - including Hepatitis (completely absurd since this is either bloodborne or through sexual contact) in the first weeks of the child's life. Their immune system is simply not cut out to withstand that type of assault so early.

    We have begun vaccination last month, and we'll do one shot each month until he's up to par. But since 80% of a child's brain development has concluded by 2 years old, we're feeling far more comfortable about it.

    No one has died because of our choice to not vaccinate, and our child remains happy and healthy, possibly because of our decision.
  10. I also cannot prove that aliens from outer space, or watching reruns of the NBC series "Alf", did not cause those children to have autism.

    But over twenty studies have found NO correlation between vaccines and autism.

    I am glad that no one has died because of your decision not to vaccinate your child, but almost two hundred children around the world (esp in Britain, where the fraudulent study was published) have died because of the decision of many parents not to vaccinate.

    The most fruitful area of research on autism so far has been regarding genetics. Famous trader/quant James Simons has donated many millions (tens of millions, at least) toward this effort.
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