Mercedes-Benz data paint brighter picture

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  1. LONDON (MarketWatch) -- German auto giant Daimler on Friday added to mounting evidence that the pace of the decline in luxury-car sales is slowing and that demand from China hasn't fallen away.

    Daimler climbed as much as 7% in Frankfurt after the auto manufacturer reported that sales of its high-end Mercedes-Benz brand fell in February, but not by as much as in January.

    Daimler said that Mercedes-Benz sold 72,200 vehicles in February, down 25% from the 96,800 vehicles it sold in the same month in 2007.

    Still, the sales decline was less dramatic than January's, when sales fell 35% to 53,900 cars.{3FD02361-2731-4E06-9221-A05A89A03536}
  2. 25% decline is excellent, you would expect much more especially for a luxury vehicle considering the people who got hurt the most are the mid-top tier guys - aka wallstreet.

    Was there any data that break down the sales percentile by country?