MEOH down 88% after hours

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by sobepehopeful, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. :confused: What happened? I can't find any news on this stock, but for some odd reason it plunged 88% after hours, does anyone on ET know anything?
  2. its a good value in this market....try to pick some up in the PM
  3. wohhhhhh
    down %88.00
  4. No volume AH.

    Bad print.
  5. You really asked two questions here; with respect to the first one, it looks like a bad print.

    With respect to the second one, no, nobody on ET knows a damn thing.
  6. hughb


    The Nasdaq after hours website shows that the low trade in after hours was indeed 2.85 and it shows after hours volume at 15,524. It's got to be a misprint though, there's no news whatsoever on it. I would have tried to buy it at that price in AH trading if I had seen it in time just to see whether or not the trade would be busted.