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    well, that (and other things) is why you are a stand up guy! :)
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    Dont we ever sleep..jeez :p
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    hey what can I say...I'm addicted to the markets (was just catching up with some threads on ET)

    ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :p
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    I don't agree with you on #1 unless I'm misunderstanding what you mean. Why is it not helpful (in your opinion) if one uses a different method from time to time? The markets change and so might ones trading style. In the mid 90's I traded disk drive companies (Western Digital, Quantum) and made a lot of money. I focused most of my trades on them and occasionally the PC makers .. nothing else. Later, around 1998 I focused on a few stocks (SUNW, ASND) and became really familiar with the ax and could "read" the stocks fairly well. In the last few years for me it's been a lot more about scalping given the bearish sentiment. So those smaller profits have allowed me to preserve capital while still making a living. Now I trade the SPY much of the time as I know there will be movement every day, thus creating opportunity all the time.

    As far as a mentor, I don't see it as a requirement. For those with enough confidence, knowledge and drive to succeed you can make it on your own. In the end each trader has to trade a style he or she is comfortable with.
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