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  1. Maybe I missed others, but it seems Brandon has really escalated the sales pitches. I have not seen other sponsors start this many threads to promote their products. Maybe Brandon is the only one taking advantage of their sponsorship privileges. I guess if it is working for him more power to him. I know for me it is kind of a turnoff, but if you can weed thru the marketing pitch he does offer some useful info.

    By the way maybe I should get into mentoring too. I did not know it paid so much.
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  2. Brandon, could you please post your pnl or provide us account statements?
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  3. doubt!
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    I went into brando's realtime trading room. I really didnt see any money making and when they made a futures call they claimed they got in at one price which I feel was impossible since I watched the futures. The trade alert came through and the price was half a tick higher. The problem here is when they get in and out for half a point the chumps in the room end up buying the "pitchers" offer.
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    If you want to talk to me and are interested in the program. Its pointless to do it on ET because if I made $50,000 that would not be enough and if I made $1,000,000 Id be a liar. So from my perspective, posting here I have nothing to gain from it at all. I post a list of real time trading idea's here that everyone has access too, though I do realize this is not enough for some people and that is fine.

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  6. come on man, the Dow Jones newswire is a list of real time "ideas". That trading ideas service that scrolls breakouts, and stocks in uptrends, new highs/lows etc, etc is a list of "ideas".

    Post your trading blotter for a few days and show us what you make or lose over 5-10 days if you really give people an idea of if you can actually trade or not.

    time frame too short? Then do what tony oz it for a while, that guy did and look what it did for him...the "oz scanner" LOL.

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  7. This critiscm of Brandon is getting real old. Ask anyone of the guys/gals in his room...they will tell you that Brandon and Toni, along with the other few traders that call there plays are great traders....Brandon is starting these threads for many reasons. YES advertisment! does he need to? not really.... the guys got tons of members allready with new guys coming in every week...and almost half of the trial membership guys stay with him... Hes taking advantage of the fact that he pays Baron a nice sum of money every year to advertise here! He might as wll get his moneys worth... This business is not like any business...there are very few places to advertise..its not like Brandon and Toni can put a sign up in there front yard that says how many traders are going to drive by that? Especially in freakin' IOWA!! You guys say that he is posting way more than he ever used to...theres a simple answer to that, that really isnt hard at all "hes got more time on his hands than he used to" and hed like to share some insight to you guys...and advertise along with it... Free Enterpirse is a great thing.... Heres the deal... After you take a free trial with Brandons chat...and ou dont like it...then you guys can bitch and moan to him all you want on here!
    thats just my .02 for now!
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    you bring up a great topic. Personally, I am of two minds on this depending on where the 'student' is along their path. If they are just starting out, then I would agree that they would benefit from mentorship because they would be steered clear of many obvious errors and given some valuable tools.

    However, for someone who has, lets call it 'fire in the belly', then I would say that they can really do it on their own. I say this because many of the top traders that I have met and read about, got there by finding and honing a set of skills and a game plan that matches them on a very personal level.

    Each of us is different. We have varying weaknesses and strengths. And each plays out differently in the market. What works is coming up with a trading plan that plays off your strengths and minimizes your weaknesses.

    For example, one of my favourite Wizards, Buzzy Schwartz mentions many, many times that he HAS to be a scalper. There is no other way he can operate. That is his essence. He needs to be in and out, quick. And he needs to know right away in black and white how he's doing.

    You can imagine someone with Schwartz' personality hooking up with say a swing trader for a mentor. It would be a nightmare as he tries to fit a round peg in a square hole.

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    I agree 100%. I think that it is important for people to "get to know" Toni and or I before they take part in the program for that reason. We both have different styles and while one of us might be a good match for someone, the other could be terrible. Also, we have a 100% money back guarantee so that if 1 week into the program you are not getting what you want it doesnt cost you anything but time.

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    I see that guy has taken my "signature."

    For the record, this guy is not me.

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