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    If you ask any very successful person: "How did you do it?", one of the common threads you will find is that most had and followed the steps laid out by someone who was already successful. Becoming a professional trader is no different, and in fact having a mentor can be more important because of the risks taken during the learning curve.

    In order to become a professional trader you need to:

    1: Have a valid philosophy in place that applies in all market conditions. Its not helpful if you have to use an entirely different method every month as many claim you do.

    2: Define a proper strategy or style for yourself with in the context of this philosophy.

    3: A written Business Plan that covers your goals and the means by which you will achieve them.

    4: Understand the psychology of mastering yourself, so you can master the market.

    Understanding each of these four area's is essential to your ultimate success as a trader. Many services offer expensive (up to $3000) 8 hour seminars were you are one of up to several hundred "participants". We feel that this has limited value to aspiring traders. However, we feel that personalized one on one program can be incredibly valuable, and to this ends we offer one on one telephone mentoring with online trader and mentor Brandon Fredrickson.

    Availability: Tuesdays and Thursdays 5PM to 8PM CST. Saturdays Noon to 3CST.

    Cost: $299 per customizable session or $999 for a 4 session package.

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask here, or if you are interested in the program contact us at

  2. I disagree, but that's what most of mentors who sell their services want you to believe. You can become a good trader by simply working on it on your own. Some of the 'mentors' are only after your money. Of course, I am not saying this is you and your service, but I did have a bad experience with some mentor who, not surprisingly at all, also claimed that the only way to learn this stuff is by following someone already accomplished. I don't think so.
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    I think a lot of it depends on who is doing the mentoring. Unfortunatly in the trading industry a lot of very low quality stuff can pass as high quality since everything else is generally so bad. I am still very much of the opinion that having someone to show you along and point you in the right direction is very valuable. You will lose money when you begin trading no matter what you do, that is part of the process, but I do think that by investing in your education (Time and Money both, time being the most important) you will reduce your ultimate cost in the market.

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    Now you should demand to see trading statements.
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    It depends.....

    I am the autodidact type and figured

    it out by myself.

    Anyway from a succesful trader, you

    should be able to pick up some things..

    Trading is like a puzzle. You pick some

    piece on Elite, another from a trading

    friend, something from a mentor, some

    from books...etc.......
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    Ask anyone living the dream of trading for a living to list the most important factors in their success and nearly every one of these men and woman will list having had a mentor as one of the most- if not the single most important factor in their success. For many of today's most successful traders that mentor has been Brandon Fredrickson.

    Having a skilled trader who is patient enough to put the time and effort into making sure you are moving in the right direction significantly puts the odds of success in your favor. Having a skilled, partial observer help you isolate and minimize the effects of your weakness' and find and exploit to the fullest extent your strengths. Knowing them, and then being able to take action upon that knowledge will likely mean the difference between the freedom of trading for a living, or working for someone else in return for substantially less freedom and money.

    The first part of the program will entailing putting together a complete, working business plan for your trading activities. This gives you a road map to follow in your path the freedom and success. Most traders working today have either an incomplete plan, or worse yet none at all. Brandon will work with you during the first several days of the program to get this critical aspect of your trading into place.
    After you have a business plan in place you will use Trading From Mainstreet's sophisticated Electronic Trading Journal to track all of the trades you take during the day. This program will make a screen shot picture of the trades you are entering along with any info on your screen at that time (Charts, Level2, Market Minders etc). At the end of the day you will email this file to Brandon and he will go over your trades giving you in depth commentary on your overall trading that day as well as commentary on specific trades. At the end of each week you will spend several hours on the phone in order to put together everything you are learning and apply it more effectively in your trading.

    While in the program you will receive:

    A total of 12 to 16 hours (about an hour and a half to two hours a week) of one on one telephone time with Brandon Fredrickson and or Toni Hansen. This will allow the two of you to go over your trading and progress in a detailed manner and put a plan together on a week by week basis to use what you are learning while in the program .The value of the private consultation if purchased on its own is over $4750.

    A total of up to 25 private Email Consultations with Brandon and or Toni. You will send every one of your trades to him at the end of the day, and he will privately review them and reply with actionable insight by the end of the next day. The value of the Email Consultations if purchased on its own would be over $1800.

    Business Plan analysis and construction. This is a $1000 value if purchased separately.

    Each person who completes the Level 1 Mentoring will be given preferential treatment for admission to the competitive Level 2 Mentoring (The TFMS $100,000 CLUB)

    A legitimate chance of living your dream of independently trading for a living.

    In all you will be getting over $7500in services and value-added products. During the first month of the mentorship program Brandon will be taking on three students. As Charter TFMS Private Mentoring Students you will pay only $3249.00 for this service.

    Each student will be in the program until they understand and are able to apply the core principles of successful trading. While most people are able to complete this program in 4 or 5 weeks, it may take your more or less time to do so. Each person's progress will be different and we will work with this in the program.

    If at the end of the first 7 days in the program you are not happy with the program you may request a refund and your money will be refunded minus our processing fees (If you pay by certified check there are no processing fees and you would receive 100% of your money back). You will still be able to keep your business plan as well as the knowledge you have gained during your first week in the program.

    If you are interested in this program please contact

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    I was reading the "Back to Basics" thread, wondering if it was an advertisement or someone really trying to help other traders.

    Now that I see this thread, it is obvious both are blatant advertisements. Does Elite Trader monitor these threads?
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    Brandon represents, which is a sponsor of Elite Trader. They are authorized to use the boards for promotional purposes.
  9. Brandon, did you have a mentor guide you when you first began trading? How much start-up $ did you initially lose, before turning profitable?


  10. Individuals who have their company name under their user name have paid for the right to advertise on ET. It is a prime sponsorship right.
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