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  1. I have a friend in NYC who started trading about 2 years ago and learned to trade through a mentor. He currently has to pay some % to this mentor guy for a period of x years. Now that he is able to trade successfully he is teaching others how to trade, and making a pertentage off them, kinda like a period scam.

    Nonetheless... the mentorship program helped him really learn how to trade. I live in phoenix, AZ and was wondering if there is a mentorship program that anyone knows about. I need some help

  2. If your friend was a successful trader due to his mentorship program, then he would NOT have to mentor others. He would NOT want to mentor others and he would NOT have the time to mentor others. He would be too busy spending his money. The only mentor for you would be to join a prop firm in Arizona where you live and learn on the job. But prop firms still want you to put up your own money. So it is the same as a mentor program sorta.

    Also, read as many books on the subject as you can. Library books are free to read. Free mentor from your library. :D
  3. this is not necessarily true.

    i mentor traders. i have always liked teaching others. i started in college.

    i actually think it helps to hone one's one trading skills, to condense them down and teach them to others

    the classic saying is that "those who can't - teach" and i think that is somewhat true with those who SOLELY teach but don't practice X (whatever thing it is)
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    This attitude is completely worn out. Perhaps you are selfish enough for this to apply to you. But to apply this universally is really worn out.

    Try again.

    Make 'em pretty, Chris
  5. Then you mentor him for FREE. If you don't mentor him for free, then you are a very selfish person. I dont' see you volunteering to mentor and teach him how to trade for free. You sure are selfish. Stop being selfish and mentor him for free.
  6. Why are you unable to travel to NYC to be mentored by your friend???

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    Some folks sure get touchy when the truth hits home.

    The point was not that I was wishing to mentor him.

    The point was, and is the attitude that those that do mentor, do it for selfish reasons or cannot trade themselves, and if they could trade they would not mentor.

    There is truth in that not all coaches can play and not all players can coach. But to apply this universally, as is truthfull for most things, is sheer folly.

  8. Where in AZ is Phoenix?
  9. Here it is

  10. sorry Phoenix, AZ USA
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