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    There is anyone who took John Carter’ mentorship program online? The program is only 3 days and the daily charge is up to $3,500.00 for non members.

    I have read his book and found some of his methods interesting. I do believe that sitting next to a trader is one of the most valuable lessons but since I’ve been burnt in the past someone’s advice who attended this program, would be appreciated.

    Thank you
  2. Not no,


    Hell no.

    Don't do that.
  3. You cannot really be "mentored" into a profitable trader "online" in 3 days. And that is not really how successful mentors operate.

    And why EVER do it based on reputation, testimonials, or recommendations from anonymous ET posters?

    Demand recent audited account statements from the "mentor." Watch the excuses or cherry-picked examples that will come back...

    These people are basically going to take your money. And then you will be looking for the next mentor...
  4. You should take the Mentorship Program

    It's really good and has produced several outstanding traders.

    Here are some of their testimonials:

    from Nguba Mknimbe
    "The John Carter Mentorship proggram is really good and has helped to produced hundreds of thousands of dollars daily"
    Please send me all of your confidential information so you can invest in my South African Goldmine.

    from Chen Ho San
    "John Carter is very very good. He will mentor you to produce untold and vast amounts of wealth."
    Please send me $299.99 for the true Chinese secrets of eternal you.

    from Jack Hershey
    "John Carter is the best, another master trader who mentors traders so that they can achieve success in the markets"
    I can show you how to get 3x the ATR, just get a color printer and we'll be good-to-go
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    lol lol lol
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    Thank you very much for your consideration to my post.
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    I also found the book and methods interesting. At Traders DVD you can purchase their 4 day Chicago seminar for $239. If you find out any more regarding their programs or live trading labs please let me know.

  8. Why purchase it for $239? What have they done to deserve more than a standard book writer?

    Most people already don't know to how trade. so buying this stuff just to show them OTHER ways that don't work are questionable. Why are unsubstantiated seminars and video of any value?

    Evidence??? Vendors remain useless unless they themselves furnish convincing proof their stuff works.