Mentorship (4th year still not profitable)

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    ROFLMAO but i have to agree!
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  2. truetype


    There's a good recent book by one of ET's top stockpickers about how to prosper in robot-driven markets.
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    :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: = "What he said!!"
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    Um..this is probabally heretical what i am going to say as it deviates from trading orthodoxy but........the markets cares not whether you are humble or prideful or even arrogant. Neither does it care if you are rich or poor. Neither does it care if you are smart or .30 short of a dollar. Ugly or pretty. Male or female. Actually, the market doesn't care at all about ANYTHING. It is not a person with a personality. It is a conglomeration of buyers and sellers trying to find an edge and a reason to take a trade.

    So...find an edge and work that over and over. It is a process. Focus on the process not the money. Let your SL's be your capital preservation as you find, discover, implement, adapt your edges.
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  5. Usually when I read this I think 'do you have some kind of approach worked out, and probably more importantly, how did you arrive at it?'

    Part of the problem might be that there's a desire for a purely intellectual solution to the challenge of discretionary trading, whereas in reality it's constantly adapting and adjusting to changing market conditions, something that's unavoidably hard on human beings... o_O
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  6. traider


    You sure that the indexes you mentioned are mean reverting? If you can find a true mean reverting series with low enough cost, you can make lots of $$$
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  7. lcranston


    Yes, because they are for the most part based on stocks, which revert to the mean of PE ratios. Commodities don't. Neither does forex.

    And, yes, one can make good money simply by understanding the location of price with regard to the mean/median and the extremes.
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  8. Interesting, how far would you be prepared to go?

    After we found out what the hollywood Thots are prepared to do with guys like Weinstein in order to get a head in that business..

    Assuming your mentor wanted payment, Kevin Spacey style, what would you be prepared to do and how often? :D:D
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  9. Marketsurfer was ET's top stockpicker IF you faded all his calls, like some here did, you would have a made a fortune.
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    You assume that P/E itself is stationary. That is simply not true. Earnings change all the time. News affect companies all the time. Moreover, companies also move with the general market. how are you going to use P/e
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