Mentorship (4th year still not profitable)

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  1. A little background: I've traded/studied the technical part of trading (FX/Commodities) for almost 4 years every single day, testing out new ideas, analyzing, logging down, backtesting etc however hundreds of system and patterns that I come out with just stop working. It might work for 3-5 years on backtesting, if I put it onto another pair it stops. Or it might only work for a certain period of time. I am from the little red dot.

    I am looking for a mentor to guide as well as teach day in day out. I will not and never give out your systems or strategies. I am willing to work 20 hours a day or do anything that helps me towards achieving profitability. I am willing and desperate to sacrifice anything in return for trading success (Even my life). Flying over to your country to learn is also fine with me. I do not know what I can give in return but I hope my willingness to succeed can make up for it because I will never give up.

    So if anyone that has already succeeded and looking for a student to impart your knowledge, please do tell me, I may not be the brightest but I will make it up with hard work, I will make sure it will be a good decision and you will never regret it.

    Thank you.
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    I do not understand what value would a mentor get from teaching you from the ground up how to be profitable ? Unless you have a hefty budget as a tuition fee, you will likely end up with some scammer.

    What quantitative skills do you have ?
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  3. Visaria


    This is why you are no good at trading. A stupid trade.

    You don't need a mentor.

    Just do something else.
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  4. Stop trading.
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  5. maxinger


    Reading thousands of trading books, attending tens of trading courses, reading tons of market reviews/reports/analysis .... might not help.
    In fact, it might contaminate your mind.

    I doubt any mentor who is successful in trading is going to impart his trading skills.
    because that trading skills is priceless.
    successful trader doesn't need to earn money by coaching.

    If you can't find a mentor who is successful in trading, you have to develop your own holy grail.
    Alternatively as what someone suggested, stop trading.
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  7. fan27


    What is your current approach for backtesting ideas? What platform do you use?
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  8. toc


    I might be wrong but FX markets are a bit too random i.e. sudden massive fluctuations occur more often. You might want to go into paper trade mode with FX for a little bit and get to know yourself as a FX trader a little bit.

    Also, might want to switch from day trading to more of a position trading non FX markets.

    Millions of systems and advises out there, beware that you do not get conned by education companies.
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  10. Sprout


    If it resonates with you, find and do Jack Hershey drills here in the archives. Build a glossary. Build an ignore list <- essential.

    Jack talks about learning how to learn and how to know when you are learning something correctly or not.

    Extremely in-depth market knowledge - to the point of incomprehensible but can be understood by doing the drills he suggests.

    The drills build perception from a granular marketview as well as builds long term memory.

    With that said, The suggestions of stop trading are wise. If you don’t understand why you’re not profitable, all you are learning is how to fail and all the associated trauma. There’s a point where this becomes irreversible.

    Start a thread, post an annotated chart with your log, invite to comment.
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