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  1. Winston


    Curious as to how many traders here have had a mentor. Not a chat room subscription but a real time mentor and if so, roughly, how was the training, physically side by side or on-line, pay, upfront or payments. Finally how was the experience?
  2. the people here on ET are my mentors. let's face it, most posters are not profitable, but you can learn a lot from them.
  3. jaredand


    I had a mentor and it was the only reason I succeeded. I had taken a trading class prior to it and just lost money every day. When I met up with my mentor, I started making money almost right away. Seeing is believing. Only way to really learn.
  4. tampa


    I resent that remark.
  5. Ok, let me clarify: There are members on ET from whom you will only learn that the human species still has a lot of evolving to do.
  6. tampa


    That's exactly what I resented - too close to home.
  7. balda



    Who is your mentor and how much?:)
  8. jaredand


    My mentor doesn't trade anymore. He doesn't need to. He used to work for the firm so I did not incur any training fees. The commissions included it.
  9. prox


    A true trader mentor is priceless and can accelerate one's learning by years. I would be suspicious of any mentor that doesn't trade full time, though .. especially if they charge their services.
  10. Winston


    Where would one find a mentor if not working for a firm?
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