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  1. So if I wanted to find someone who would actually take the time to explain tape reading to me or daytrading profitably, in general, who would you suggest or where should I look?

    Or is this truly a game of stare at charts/tape until it "hits" you?

  2. The latter. Only way you'll discover something fresh, or at least unpublished.
  3. You are better off if you search here for the posters who know tech. analysis and ask them for help. I' ve found some very helpful people here on ET. If you need specifics, pm me.
  4. Find someone that's trading the same trading instruments you are trading or you should be willing to switch and start trading instruments he/she is trading.

    Thus, don't try to learn tape reading from someone that's trading something different than what your trading...this type of learning is extremely difficult.

    Use the same system (software, broker et cetera) as the other trader that's going to mentor/help you.

    If your not on the same page as the other trader...why bother with trying to learn tape reading???

    Some of this learning...especially in the beginning...should be performed in person (side by side).

    Get a live-screen recorder like Camtasia at to record everything your monitoring on your monitors...

    Your mentor should have the same so that its very easy to point things out instead of getting deep into wordy conversations about what has occurred.

    Store all your captured video on DVD and find a decent website so that you and the trader helping you can upload some video for sharing (learning) of the key info that has been edited out of each trading day that's being discussed.

    If your not willing to do the above...might be best to leave tape reading alone and move on to something else.

    Last of all, even if you don't find someone to help should be doing the above on your own (live-recordings, dVd storing and website uploading so that you can post links for those that want to see what your talking about).

    Thus, your own personal library of info may be all you need especially if you go the self-taught route.

    Therefore, this truly is not a game of just staring at charts/tape until it "hits" you.