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  1. Hello All:

    We (Me And My friend ,Both senoir traders with more than 6 years of experience)
    are looking to operate a Free Chat room to guide the new traders.
    As i said before this chat room is free of charge , and we will talk to traders and exchange ideas and help them to improve thier trading.

    If any one interested please send a private message to me and we will contact you.

    Best of lLuck.
  2. Maverick74


    Usually when something costs nothing, that is all you are getting, nothing.
  3. Hi protrader2000,

    Out of curiousity...what type of chat room or conferencing tool will you be using???

    When it comes to mentoring...

    I strongly believe it can not be performed properly unless it is done in person.

    Proper Mentoring

    * Mentor ensures the student is properly capitalized.
    * Mentor ensures the student has proper computer equipment that's compatible to what the mentor is using.
    * Student and mentor are both trading the same trading instruments and trading via similar position size.
    * Mentor and student should be using the same broker and realtime trading tools.

    The above helps to ensure the mentor and the student are on the same level because the student has the same trading tools being used by the mentor to allow the student a fighting chance to achieve similar like trading results as the mentor.

    With that someone trading tips, written trading plan or trying to explain what you do in realtime that's not on the same level as mentoring...

    The above descriptions about mentoring aren't applicable and an online chat room is good enough and is a little better than having the same discussion we see when traders share their methods, market insights or trade discussions here at especially if your using a true conferencing room (white board sharing, audio and video).

    Look at it this way...I think online chat rooms are excellent as follow-up tools to an extensive in person mentoring.

    Sorry about making this sound like I am lecturing you but I just see too often traders get mentoring and methodology sharing in a chat room mixed up and such usually leaves someone very disappointed.

    Last of've posted similar message in 2004, 2005 all around March or April of each year...what's going on there???

    Good luck with your room.

  4. Free water is better then nothing.
  5. Yeah but question is.... is that FREE water purified or is it contaminated?
  6. I am not new and intersted to learn more if your method is:

    -making little money or at least no losing money
    -Not descretionary, cleary definable to a 12 years old kid
  7. Hello,

    Will be interested to see some new ideas. Try pm but it's not available.