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  1. Hey guys, in about 2 months i will start with building of pattern/setup sharing software for the strategy that i trade, which will be used across the members/student and meanwhile i am looking for 2-3 traders who are willing to be alpha testers of such software, as well as being students of trading strategy itself. That meaning i would be teaching you all the parts to successfuly trade strategy (part time) for free, meanwhile it would provide me feedback to what software needs improved.
    Trading strategy that i trade is strictly robust technical strategy of M1 equity charts, its very consistent (as long as trader does what it is suppose to be done of course). Strategy return daily is 30+R on equities daily, but my usual performance is around 5R, it depends on trading time and execution the most.

    So basically i am considering traders who have been trading at least a year but prefered more and still are struggling to be consistent on markets (doesnt matter which market was traded), and most importantly are avalible each day in first 2 hours or more after NY open.
    Skype would be used to get you guys on board of strategy and once the software first versions are coming out, the trading patterns would be shared there. I am from Slovenia so dont expect any quallity english skills, but good enough to get the important points across.

    I am generally looking for dedicated persons, who really want to make it for whatever reasons they have, becouse even though the strategy is simple, its the process execution that needs time to be put into. Send me PM or drop by over thread if you are interested.
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    Take your get rich quick off this site.
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    30R? Sign me up broseph.
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    Thanks God: Finally there is somebody ready to teach trading the hordes of hungry for knowledge ET-ers!
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    Maybe you can hook up with the clown who is pitching a forex contest deal via the Inbox. You guys can come up with an uber-system.
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  7. hahaha
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    Please tell us that you guarantee everyone will make a million dollars in one month with your stuff.
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    He wants to do it for free, so who knows, might not be a snake oil salesmen.
  10. Interesting no PM so far and quite a lot of negative comments. The offer still remains for those willing to get in.
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