Mentoring in the Trading Room!

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  1. FFastTrade is introducing a Mentoring program in our Trading Facility in the CME Building.

    Jason Stratton will provide a complete mentoring program at very reasonable rates. The FFastTrade office is equipped with state of the art Simulators and Training Stations complete with Charting and News. Jason will take you through his entire program and FFastTrade will facilitate your trading at the Best rates in the Industry. The Mentoring program includes one on one instruction during scheduled times in the trading day.

    Contact FFastTrade or visit for more details.
  2. what a perfect name for a broker!

    Good thinking! :D
  3. riskless,

    Comment on these three sites? I have no doubt they are all legitimate. Just curious to see the 'trader' for the first time.

    And a stone was removed from the fill recently?
  4. Is Ffasttrade using a privately labeled J-trader by Patsystems or Xtrader by Trading Techniques ?
  5. FFastTrade uses FFastFill technology and and architecture.

    FFastTrader is our Bundled inhouse offering:

    Riskless is meant to imply Risk Less by training more! I should change it to risk less because you are the second poster to refer to that. I was a Risk Manger at a large institution for a few years and I was trying to imply risking less by training. We also offer and require our traders to use: FFastTrainer.

    I hope I answered the questions.

    Risk Less

  6. Spreadem,

    We offer Pats to traders that do not want to pay a system charge. However, we do not Cobrand it.

    Our FFastTrade product is our own offering. We support and maintain the software ourselves. We believe that this allows us to provide better support for our traders because we actual support our OWN system. We do not rely on another vendor to develop and support our offerings. Our goal is to be the Fastest system in the marketplace!

    Risk Less

  7. quote from Riskless :
    Yeah, but is it more reliable than Patsystem?
  8. Spreadem,

    Reliability depends on more than the Software Vendor. Reliability depends more on the network and the Data Center that supports the software architecture. I use Pats for our backup system and I find it very reliable, but the update rate is slower than FFastFill. It is very visible to the eye. If the update rate is slower, this may bring more stability. The CME updates trades at a rate as high as 175 updates per second. No system could handle that without throttling. Therefore the tighter the throttling the more stable the system.

    Most web delivered systems update at a rate of 1 to 2 updates per second. The integrity of the markets may be jeopardized. (Example is hitting a bid and it just isn't there)

    Update rate is no problem for Eurex and ACE because those exchanges only update from the matching engine at a rate of 1 per second. No throttling is needed.

    Long answer! But I would take our speed along with the stability of our own Network. We manage it ourselves.

    Risk Less

  9. I do mentoring in ET's chat room all day. Just ask OPTIONAL777 or losloslos. They still have a lot to learn, however. :p

  10. RISKLESS....i do not know if i speak for others but i do really hope that your system performance is more reliable than patsystems. as a person who has tried j-trader with several different brokers, each one had performance defieciencies for different reasons and each one had there own EXCUSE for its subpar performance.I trade with my own real $ and am tired of switching from "you know who" until someone proves they got a better product. I say this to you because i believe you are the first guy with a trading product that has actually traded and knows what a trader wants and needs.
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